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S60x6 IBC Camlock adaptor - Part B

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IBC S60x6 male buttress camlock adaptor part B. Genuine CPP fitting.

IBC S60x6 male buttress camlock adaptor part B. Excellent chemical resistance. Hard waring 20% glass coupled Polypropylene construction. All are quality genuine CPP fittings. Note: We can supply the full range of CPP fittings even if they are not currently listed on our website, so please give us a call.

Useful Information: CPP Datasheet

This item can be found on eBay, Item ID: 171331843519

product_id model size kg price availability
1412-15-01 IBC Camlock - Part B (CFB/20UD/027) SizeS60x6 - 2" cam Kg0.29 GBP£11.36 Ex-stockEx-stock

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