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Polypropylene Female Socket

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Chemical and acid resistant polypropylene socket with female threads.

Polypropylene socket with female threads. Chemical and acid resistant. Working pressure up to 10 Bar, max temperature 40degrees C.

Useful Information: View BSP Thread Chart

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product_id model size kg price availability
1333-26-01 Threaded PP Female Socket Size1/2" FBSP Kg0.01 GBP£0.58 inc.VAT
£0.48 ex.VAT
1333-26-02 Threaded PP Female Socket Size3/4" FBSP Kg0.02 GBP£0.58 inc.VAT
£0.48 ex.VAT
1333-26-03 Threaded PP Female Socket Size1" FBSP Kg0.04 GBP£0.76 inc.VAT
£0.63 ex.VAT
1333-26-04 Threaded PP Female Socket Size1.1/4" FBSP Kg0.07 GBP£2.02 inc.VAT
£1.68 ex.VAT
1333-26-05 Threaded PP Female Socket Size1.1/2" FBSP Kg0.07 GBP£2.62 inc.VAT
£2.18 ex.VAT
1333-26-06 Threaded PP Female Socket Size2" FBSP Kg0.1 GBP£3.53 inc.VAT
£2.94 ex.VAT
1333-26-07 Threaded PP Female Socket Size2.1/2" FBSP Kg0.24 GBP£13.14 inc.VAT
£10.95 ex.VAT
1333-26-08 Threaded PP Female Socket Size3" FBSP Kg0.3 GBP£18.28 inc.VAT
£15.23 ex.VAT
1333-26-09 Threaded PP Female Socket Size4" FBSP Kg0.16 GBP£27.29 inc.VAT
£22.74 ex.VAT
2-3 Days2-3 days

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