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Cable float switch - double action - heavy weight

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Heavyweight double action floats for emptying or filling operation ideal for sewage and waste water applications.

Heavyweight floats for sewage and waste water. Double action floats for emptying or filling operation. 3 core connections. Operation at 5 degrees. Tilt from centre for ease of operation. Complete with counterweight.

product_id model kg price availability
0215-46-01 MC6 (6m Cable) Kg1.37 GBP£67.00 2-3 Days2-3 days
0215-46-02 MC13 (13m Cable) Kg2 GBP£86.00 2-3 Days2-3 days
0215-46-03 MC20 (20m Cable) Kg2.41 GBP£104.00 2-3 Days2-3 days
0215-46-04 MC30 (30m Cable) Kg3.67 GBP£130.00 2-3 Days2-3 days
0215-46-05 MC50 (50m Cable) Kg6.3 GBP£176.00 2-3 Days2-3 days

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