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Tricoflex hose - 50m coil

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Professional Tricoflex PVC braided hose for general purpose and irrigation use. Priced per full 50m coil.

Professional Yellow Tricoflex PVC braided hose for general purpose and irrigation use. 10 bar up to 3/4", 1" - 2" @ 8 bar. Priced per full 50m coil, see above for cut lengths.

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product_id model id od length kg price availability
0932-23-01 Tricoflex irrigation hose 1/2" - 50m Inside Dia12.5mm Outside Dia18mm Length50m Kg21.52 GBP£55.00 Ex-stockEx-stock
0932-23-02 Tricoflex irrigation hose 5/8" - 50m Inside Dia15mm Outside Dia21mm Length50m Kg26.25 GBP£70.00 Ex-stockEx-stock
0932-23-03 Tricoflex irrigation hose 3/4" - 50m Inside Dia19mm Outside Dia25mm Length50m Kg28.88 GBP£95.00 Ex-stockEx-stock
0932-23-04 Tricoflex irrigation hose 1" - 50m Inside Dia25mm Outside Dia33mm Length50m Kg43.05 GBP£145.00 Ex-stockEx-stock
0932-23-05 Tricoflex irrigation hose 1.1/4" - 50m Inside Dia30mm Outside Dia39mm Length50m Kg52.5 GBP£267.50 2-3 Days2-3 days
0932-23-06 Tricoflex irrigation hose 1.1/2" - 50m Inside Dia39mm Outside Dia50mm Length50m Kg57.75 GBP£405.00 2-3 Days2-3 days
0932-23-07 Tricoflex irrigation hose 2" - 50m Inside Dia51mm Outside Dia65mm Length50m Kg66.15 GBP£620.00 2-3 Days2-3 days

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