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Tsurumi 80U2* submersible pumps

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Tsurumi 80U2.75, 80U21.5, 80U22.2, and 80U23.7 vortex impeller sewage pumps are suited to applications in drainage, transfer and fixed installations.

The 80U2 series vortex impeller sewage pumps are of cast iron construction and provide excellent free passage for the uninteurrupted flow of suspended solids and fibrous material found in some municipal and industrial duties. They are particularly popular and effective in agricultural applications. The are avalible free standing or for fixed installations when supplied with the guide rail (auto-coupling) kit. The latter includes a pedestal, guide hook, top bracket and lifting chain, but not rails. Available in three-phase only. The 403 stainless steel shaft is fitted with an ultra hardwaring, silicone carbide, double mechanical seal ( in an oil chamer). Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty, H07RN-F rubber power cable.

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product_id model discharge KW voltage operation output lt/min head metres dimensions kg price availability
0124-16-01 Tsurumi 80U2.75 Discharge3" KW0.75 Voltage400v OperationMANUAL Output Lt/min450(l/min) Head Metres12m Dimensions173 X 383 X 419 Kg38.85 GBP£997.82 inc.VAT
£831.52 ex.VAT
0124-16-02 Tsurumi 80U21.5 Discharge3" KW1.5 Voltage400v OperationMANUAL Output Lt/min600(l/min) Head Metres16m Dimensions200 X 420 X 501 Kg52.5 GBP£1.20 inc.VAT
£1,170.91 ex.VAT
0124-16-03 Tsurumi 80U22.2 Discharge3" KW2.2 Voltage400v OperationMANUAL Output Lt/min800(l/min) Head Metres19m Dimensions240 X 502 X 562 Kg66.15 GBP£1.20 inc.VAT
£1,740.24 ex.VAT
0124-16-04 Tsurumi 80U23.7 Discharge3" KW3.7 Voltage400v OperationMANUAL Output Lt/min1025(l/min) Head Metres23.5m Dimensions234 X 502 X 565 Kg89.25 GBP£2.40 inc.VAT
£2,124.61 ex.VAT

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