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SS Range UV Kit B (with lamp failure detection)

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Stainless SS Range UV Kit from Kennet with lamp failure warning circuit.

SS Range UV Kit with lamp failure warning circuit. Made from stainless steel. The kit includes a separate power supply and 365 day double ended lamp. Maximum pressure 10bar. Note water should be filtered to 5microns prior to UV treatment.

Useful Information: More info on our UV Systems can be found here

product_id model output lt/min length connection(s) kg price availability
2221-22-01 SS 30/B 30watt UV kit Output Lt/min23(l/min) Length915mm Connection(s)3/4" MBSP Kg10 GBP£636.33 7-10 Days7-10 days
2221-22-02 SS 55/B 55watt UV kit Output Lt/min39(l/min) Length915mm Connection(s)3/4" MBSP Kg10 GBP£713.00 7-10 Days7-10 days
2221-22-03 SS 75/B 75watt UV kit Output Lt/min58(l/min) Length1220mm Connection(s)1" MBSP Kg10 GBP£812.67 7-10 Days7-10 days
2221-22-04 SS 1475/B 75watt UV kit Output Lt/min117(l/min) Length1220mm Connection(s)1.1/2" MBSP Kg15 GBP£1277.27 7-10 Days7-10 days
2221-22-05 SS 1575/B 75watt UV kit Output Lt/min167(l/min) Length1220mm Connection(s)1.1/2" MBSP Kg15 GBP£1694.33 7-10 Days7-10 days

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