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Enduramaxx Vertical Water Tank

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Tough and durable UV stabilised polyethylene vertical water tanks from Enduramaxx.

Tough and durable UV stabilised polyethylene potable water tanks from Enduramaxx. The ribbed inpact resistant design and one-piece construction ensures long term structural strength. Corrosion, UV, and impact resistance makes them ideal for use in outdoor applications. Larger tanks (up to 25000 litres) are also available,- if you would like a larger tank then please call us for prices. WRAS approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Delivery for all tanks 5-7 days, please apply minimum carriage charge £12.50 at checkout. Tanks cannot be shipped outside mainland UK including Scottish Highlands/Islands.

product_id model size dimensions connection(s) kg price availability
1401-11-01 Vertical Water Tank Size500 litres Dimensions700mm dia X 1500mm high Connection(s)1.5" outlet Kg40 GBP£255.36 inc.VAT
£212.80 ex.VAT
1401-11-02 Vertical Water Tank Size720 litres Dimensions700mm dia X 2150mm high Connection(s)1.5" outlet Kg40 GBP£282.00 inc.VAT
£235.00 ex.VAT
1401-11-03 Vertical Water Tank Size1250 litres Dimensions1200mm dia X 1200mm high Connection(s)1.5" outlet Kg40 GBP£370.80 inc.VAT
£309.00 ex.VAT
1401-11-04 Vertical Water Tank Size2500 litres Dimensions1400mm dia X 1800mm high Connection(s)1.5" outlet Kg40 GBP£532.50 inc.VAT
£443.75 ex.VAT
1401-11-05 Vertical Water Tank Size4000 litres Dimensions1900mm dia X 1875mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£655.49 inc.VAT
£546.24 ex.VAT
1401-11-06 Vertical Water Tank Size5000 litres Dimensions1900mm dia X 2300mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£786.07 inc.VAT
£655.06 ex.VAT
1401-11-08 Vertical Water Tank Size6000 litres Dimensions1900mm dia X 2500mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£880.09 inc.VAT
£733.41 ex.VAT
1401-11-09 Vertical Water Tank Size7000 litres Dimensions2450mm dia X 1820mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£958.45 inc.VAT
£798.71 ex.VAT
1401-11-10 Vertical Water Tank Size8500 litres Dimensions2600mm dia X 2063mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£1,125.60 inc.VAT
£938.00 ex.VAT
1401-11-11 Vertical Water Tank Size10000 litres Dimensions2400mm dia X 2500mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£1,189.42 inc.VAT
£991.18 ex.VAT
1401-11-12 Vertical Water Tank Size12500 litres Dimensions2600mm dia X 2600mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£1,418.11 inc.VAT
£1181.76 ex.VAT
1401-11-13 Vertical Water Tank Size16800 litres Dimensions2600mm dia X 3410mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£2,310.35 inc.VAT
£1925.29 ex.VAT
1401-11-14 Vertical Water Tank Size20800 litres Dimensions2600mm dia X 4150mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£2,688.71 inc.VAT
£2240.59 ex.VAT
1401-11-15 Vertical Water Tank Size25000 litres Dimensions2700mm dia X 4650mm high Connection(s)2" outlet Kg40 GBP£3,900.00 inc.VAT
£3250.00 ex.VAT

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